Can You Help?

The creation of a Neighbourhood Plan is a long and intensive activity, we will need to ask for help from various people throughout the planning phase as we look to complete the various tasks

How much time do you need me to commit?

This can be as little or as much as you like, we are looking for a broad range of people and skills to help us with the numerous tasks involved with creating a draft plan, distributing it and then getting it approved by the village, so all offers of help would be gratefully received

What will I be doing?

We intend to create separate work group teams that link into the key areas of the plan, so if you have project management experience, for example, your help would be invaluable on keeping the project on track, if you are artistically minded you could help with leaflet design, if you have a passion for the environment we need help with local information on our biodiversity etc

How many people do you need?

Ideally as many people as possible!  We have many tasks to deliver between the initial village launch and the completion of the finalised Plan for approval, so for now we are just trying to gauge how many people can potentially help and in which areas

How long will this take?

Ideally we would like to get the Plan out for consultation and final approval by April 2016, tasks will start from March 2015 and most will have a short period of activity, so participation can be flexible depending on your availability

Still Interested?

At the moment we are asking people to just indicate that they have an interest in helping, if you can please use the link below to provide your name, contact details and ideally the area of interest or expertise that you can offer, we can then look to arrange for you to receive further information from the right Working Group member for you to consider


Reminder : You are not committing anything at this point, we are just asking for you to indicate that you might be interested in helping!   Thank You



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