Stevington Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan

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†Stevington Neighbourhood Plan


The Parish Council is in the early stages of preparing the Stevington Neighbourhood Plan which, when adopted, becomes a legal document within Planning legislation. The Neighbourhood Plan is a real and positive opportunity for the community to shape the future development of Stevington, particularly the use and development of land and buildings.† Without a Neighbourhood Plan, we will have little influence over future development: already there are applications submitted under the Bedford Borough Councilís Ďcall for sitesí which, if approved could increase the number of houses in Stevington by at least 60%.

Your opinions, suggestions and support are essential to help to develop a good and effective Neighbourhood Plan which will win support from the Stevington community in the referendum held before it is adopted.† Whether you are a resident, work in a business based in Stevington, are involved with local sports or social groups, or have some other involvement, we need your views and any help you can offer.† If you have particular expertise in planning, retail, education, environmental issues, recreation, transport or infrastructure and would be willing to assist with, or advise on, these aspects, we would love to hear from you.† We would equally welcome volunteers who can be Ďa pair of handsí when needed.† Whatever time you can offer over the two years it will take to develop the Neighbourhood Plan, please let us know.






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